11 January 2014

Caribbean return!

Well I finally made it back to Costa Rica after 2.5 long years, and it's just as amazing as the last time.  The Puerto Viejo area continues to be full of natural health resources, the air is warm, he plants are lush and green, and the fresh produce is delicious.

I'll be here for awhile but am lucky enough to have friends from home here for the first 10 days! After 24 hours of delays, Molly and I finally met up with Joshua and Dylan.  Our first breakfast here had to be at La Botanica Organica... I've been eager to return since I left in 2011.  I LOVE everything about that place, and the fact they have kombucha made my heart SO happy! (Kombucha with beets and lime, too! Wow!)

Last night we had a fantastic dinner together at Selvin's, in Punta Uva where we are staying.  Another great discovery from last trip, the food is traditional Caribbean and Creole inspired... Fresh grilled vegetables (and fish), pantacones (plantains), coconut beans and rice.  Yum!

I'm going to try to update regularly with the deliciousness of the Caribbean, but bare with me because it's a lot less exciting from my iPad!  I'll be sad to see Joshua leave, because we've been killing it in the kitchen.  Check out our awesome beans & rice breakfast from this morning! Waking up at 5am for an hour long bike ride along the beach in the crisp ocean air is the best motivator there is!

More soon! ❤️