11 October 2013

What are you waiting for?

Hi loves!

Every change of season, there's this automatic restart... And this fall it's happening more than ever.  It's not like I haven't been cooking, but I sure haven't allowed myself the time to devote the time, energy, and love I once did. Time to change that!

All the recent big life changes have brought one new hobby - juicing!  It's been fun, and a great healthy addition, but it doesn't fill the dinner party (and solid food) void in my heart.  It's all about balance though - so I'm definitely steering this blog into healthy and delicious Vegetarian food, in and out of the home.  All the delicious dining out experiences I've had in months (and years) previous are about to find their home on Inspired Vegetarian as well.  See also: some really amazing food porn from my recent trip to Croatia.

What it always takes is seeing someone kick ass at what they do.  A visit from my lovely (and fabulously foodie) friend Katie was the final motivation - just take a look at her awesome Eclectik Domestic blog.  It will make you want to start doing yours better, too!

This isn't the first claim of a revival, but I really am going to attempt to get things in full swing again. I'm working on being a perfectionist - and I'm a novice cook, writer, photographer.  hat's the goal of this blog, to talk about food (and cooking) that you can navigate as a beginner as well... not to freak everyone out with my fancy foodie knowledge (despite wishing I had it).   I'd love to hear from you with your cooking (and dining) deliciousness as well.  Let's get some guest posts!

Lots of love,

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