06 October 2013

Fresh picked!

There are some things that are mandatory each season... And the must-see fall event in Michigan has to include apples. The Kerrytown Farmer's Market has a plethora of local vendors, and there's a special excitement with rows and rows of varieties on the crisp morning market days. 

Despite local shopping options, there is nothing like you-pick orchards. Especially when the "attractions" include wine tasting, hay rides, berry fields, pumpkin patches, and a general store. Even on a rainy afternoon, Spicer's Orchards was the perfect Sunday Adventure. 

I'll post a review on the hot sauce and pure-fruit preserves I picked up at their shop once I give them a try... And I can already vouch for their Sweet Williams Hard Cider.  (Leaning towards gluten-free makes cider an excellent - and tasty - compromise!)  The apples were delicious, and they really do taste even better when they are fresh picked on a chilly day!

Check out Spicer's for yourself! They are open 7 days a week, and it's an easy drive from Ann Arbor. 

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