11 September 2013

Power Up.

If there is one food that I missed out on for the first decade of being a Vegetarian, it's quinoa.  How did it take so long for this protein-packed ancient grain to gain popularity?  Every time I make it (and it's not nearly enough) I instantly regret not having some on hand each and every day.  (Lesson #1: cook quinoa weekly, eat frequently.)

Quinoa Power Bowls are pretty much my favorite go-to meal.  If you haven't dabbled with this concept, try it.  You'll love it.

My favorite combo:
- shredded kale and baby spinach, topped with:
- quinoa
- black beans
- shredded beets and carrots
- sliced green onions
- diced tomatoes
- avocado
- cilantro

I usually add red wine or apple cider vinegar, and occasionally olive oil... and (this is a given) lots and lots of hot sauce. This makes a great meal to take to work - I'll usually make a few in advance to grab-and-go! 

Let me know your favorite additions!  It doesn't get easier than this to eat fresh... the trick is in remembering such simple solutions when you get bored with your culinary routine!  

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