04 August 2012

Lazy meets fresh.

For how little I've cooked the last year, my CSA from Living Stones Farm has been a lifesaver. No longer do I have an excuse not to eat fresh (local) produce - or get bored with the same standby veggies. (More about this awesome CSA in previous posts.)

And despite all the reminders in nutrition school to "get outside the box" and break old habits, I still find myself doing the same things. Over and over again. This week was my aversion to cooking pasta, despite a plethora of DELICIOUS San Marzano sauce tomatoes.

So I gave in. I'm not gluten-free right now, and I used Barilla Plus (fiber, Omega3 & protein packed) pasta. Throw in ready-to-use herb cubes when you're in a hurry (or in my case, no fresh herbs in the house), plus high quality EVOO. Yum.

It's hard not to be rigid about every little thing with food, but ultimately I'm trying to allow myself to be a little lazy sometimes when it still involves fresh flavors!

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  1. Hey Nicole! Gorgeous posts! I want to go to Costa Rica and try everything! It's Aimee from the Arena. Flying under the radar for now with a new blog while I finish a custody battle. Anyway, as always, I love your blog.