21 April 2011

When in France...

Cooking for me is all about the challenge and variety... so with giant artichokes on sale, I couldn't help but venture out and make them for the first time. (Turns out even picky eaters know how to cook artichokes, it just never occurred to me. If I needed them, I aways used marinated artichoke hearts!)

My produce guys told me how to steam them, but that didn't seem exciting enough. So I made Perfect Steamed Artichokes à la Française. Wow! How have I been missing out on making these for so many years? It's a lot of cooking time (with only moderate effort) for a very light appetizer... but they were delicious! The lemon, garlic, and bay leaves in the cooking water added just enough flavor to the artichoke petals. (Are they petals? Leaves?)

If I was making fancy vegetables, they needed a fancy sauce, so I served them with Tarragon Mayonnaise. Tarragon is another favorite spice - it countered the tanginess of the Vegenaise and the lemon juice. It was definitely a perfect, light accompaniment for my new favorite vegetable recipe!

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