14 April 2011

6 Nights, 7 Days.

So this "detox diet" sucks. Royally. But I made it a week, and I definitely felt GREAT. It turns out you can make a pretty tasty soup with pretty much any vegetables you have around - especially once you blend it up. A little reminiscent of baby food, but super easy on your digestive system, and a smooth cohesive flavor. (Anything to make yourself enjoy it, right?) The last batch I made was asparagus and squash, with a ton of spinach... topped with a generous amount of Sriracha. It sure beats green juices all day!

The smart way to break a detox is with a lot of fruits and vegetables, and basic foods. So I made miso! (For once, instead of binging on something prohibited like fries or beer.) I used a gourmet mushroom blend (shitake, baby 'bella, and some others) along with lots and lots of bok choy, plus added in some tahini for creaminess. This trick I found on the package of miso paste - and it's delicious! Definitely made the soup taste heartier, and I'm realizing I pretty much love tahini in anything.

Obviously I didn't make it "21 days" like I was hoping... but every bit helps, and now it's on to a spring/summer season of cooking!

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