30 March 2011

VegFest Success

There is no way I could leave VegMichigan's VegFest without being inspired to get into the kitchen more. Combine that with a shopping spree at Joe Randazzo's and dinner with my VegAnnArbor partner-in-crime Daniel, and I was back to my old cooking-crazed self.

I got an entire shopping cart full of produce for $30. It made me realize how much I miss the amazing produce markets in Florida. So no excuses - cheap produce, in abundance, is only 25 minutes away. Not Organic, sadly... But for those of us budget-driven shoppers, you can't go wrong.

I made two versions of stuffed peppers. Poblanos Stuffed with Spicy Polenta and TexMex Tofu. Add in Daiya, the latest and greatest Vegan cheese. (It melts, tastes like butter, and is soy-free!) Serve with roasted asparagus. Daniel is about as adventurous in the kitchen as I am, which means he'll try anything I whip up, but dinner was a success regardless.

Can't wait to see what I will find during the next produce trip to Westland!

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