24 March 2011

Roll on through.

This super delicious Scallion Flatbread from Veganomicon was one of many lessons in patience this week. Leftover scallions? Craving some comfort food? Perfect! (Sans the process. On days I'm in the mood to spend an hour making an appetizer, or need some mindless activity to zone out, this would be perfect. But when I'm starving? Wrong choice!)

It's the same process as making roti: knead into balls, roll out, fold, roll out, fold, roll out. Here's the bigger challenge: I don't have a rolling pin. This is one of many times that has caused a challenge with dough-based recipes.

Anyhow, there's no denying these savory little pancakes were worth the effort. They were super yummy and totally hit the spot. It was a good reason to break out the cast iron, and given the right reason, will definitely be made again.

In case you're wondering what goes into such a simple (and yummy) food, here's the process in pictures. Enjoy!

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