03 March 2011

Pause. With Chocolate.

So before I know it, my jump back into cooking (and baking, and blogging...) has taken a giant pause. And not because I haven't been in the kitchen... 11 recipes in 3 weeks, I'm doing a moderate job of keeping it going. I just can't manage to get it to completion! Please be patient and trust that one of these days I'll get it together.

The health-coach in me might think all the baking and sugar (even if healthier than some types) could be influencing my attention-to-detail. But that's why I made these Double Chocolate Muffins with a healthy twist. I used brown rice flour for half the flour, stevia baking blend for the sugar, and added chia seeds. (If you haven't been watching Dr. Oz like all the Moms out there, it's the new hottest thing. They are, in fact, packed with omegas and fiber... worth sprinkling onto salads and other treats!)

I'm always happier with semi-sweet muffins, and these turned out pretty decent with all the substitutions. Not too sweet for breakfast, but so filling you couldn't eat more than one. And like a lot of the baked goods with other flours than wheat, they are better the next day after the flavors combine.

I apologize for the post-dating... stay tuned for a lot of yummy spring foods! (And in no time, local produce galore!)

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