26 March 2011

Patience, or lack of.

As if I could get any less proficient at baking, I tried my hand at bread. I can't say it was a complete fail: the end result was hearty and yummy. But the hours of effort involved (including some serious lack of patience on my part) were certainly not worth it.

I saw the recipe for the Super-Flax Whole-Wheat Boule in Everything Vegan and thought I'd be proactive for the day before. (It required soaking the flaxseeds for 24 hours.) Just when I thought that this might be the most clear of all my Vegan cookbooks, it failed me. (Or I failed myself.) Here's where a "total cooking/prep time" is handy.

Just 4+ hours later, I took out a crispy on the outside (yet still too doughy on the inside) hearty loaf of bread. Lesson #1: read the entire recipe, twice, before beginning. Lesson #2: my tiny apartment-size oven is no good for baking, especially bread.

As if the time involved wasn't bad enough, my "loaf" definitely didn't rise the way it was supposed to. That was probably the sign to stop! By the end, the only thing that redeemed each slice of bread was several minutes in the toaster oven. Only after then was it a success - a hearty and super filing one - and another reason I love my toaster oven!

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