10 March 2011

Fall Harvest... in Spring.

One of the only local produce items you can still get are squash... so the recipe for Sweet Potato, Squash & Apple Soup was the perfect use of my lonely butternut squash. A very "Fall" dish, but perfect for the last few chilly days of Spring.

This was an example where my love for spiciness got the best of me. I followed the recipe exactly... until I got to the spices. Only 1/4 tsp of cayenne? That couldn't be right! Lesson learned: try it as spicy as they call for, THEN add more. The result? So spicy even I couldn't handle it.

I tried the most logical solution to fix it: doubled the squash, potatoes, and added more apples; added 2 c. more soy milk. Even then it was still too spicy! (I could stomach it, but my friends couldn't. Ooops!)

I made Maple-Nut Soup Muffins to serve with it - they were perfect to dunk in the soup. I used flax meal as the egg replacer, which seems to be the best bet for anything hearty. And it was still delicious (even with the heartburn), with the perfect blend of creaminess and chewy bits of veggies. Next time I just have to lay off the cayenne...

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