11 March 2011

Brainstorm Brunch.

There are lots of big changes happening in my life right now! (This is a good test for how who is really paying attention to my blog chatter...) So brunch with my lovely aunt, Monique, was the perfect time to brainstorm. She's especially good at this, plus she's always willing to try out my latest food experiments. It's a win-win!

I saw the Tofu Frittata with Zucchini and Onion recipe a few weeks ago, and was eager to try another frittata variation. Plus there were tips on making it the night before, making it ideal for our brunch-before-work timeline. I had a hard time finding zucchini, so I used baby portabellos instead. Yum!

The mushrooms, onions, and carrots were a good mix of textures... and this was definitely a recipe lacking in the spice department. (Can't these cookbooks come to a happy medium?) But once you added hot sauce, it hit the spot. Frittatas are the perfect way to have a savory, egg-like breakfast (and use up any surplus veggies you have), and not feel like you're missing anything. (Also: I substituted nutritional yeast for the "vegan mozzarella" it called for.... except on rare occasion, I'm not a huge fan of "fake" cheese. Daiya has proved me wrong, a LITTLE, but not enough to convert! Here's the part where my Vegan friends will hate on me for still eating dairy every so often.)

Next time I'll make this into muffin tins for "individual size" frittatas. And add more spice! In the meantime, I'm full (and have breakfast for tomorrow) - and full of brand new ideas!

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