10 February 2011


After months and months of delay, I'm going to be back in action with this blog! I promise!

It's day 4 of our 28 Day Challenge at work, and an amazing number of co-workers have gone Vegan for the month ahead. It's awesome to be surrounded with so many healthy people! My biggest goal for the challenge is to eat more whole foods (grains, fruits & vegetables).

One of my favorite theories I've learned in school is that of "crowding out", and eating more whole foods works perfectly as an example. The basic idea of "crowding out" is to make sure that you never feel hungry. A lot of diets force you to eliminate foods out of your diet, which makes you feel deprived. Eating more nutritious and nutrient dense foods satisfies cravings and feeds the body, leaving one satiated. Just eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day makes you have a lot less room for those unhealthy choices. Having one big salad a day (like the yummy one above that Kevin made) is a great way to start.

I'm also getting a partner-in-crime for this blogging fun the next month. One of my old friends and favorite co-workers, Kevin, is going to guest blog on Inspired Vegetarian. He's a much better cook than I am, so I'm looking forward to him posting some pictures of his delicious creations. Stay tuned!

Sorry for the hiatus, and don't forget to send your comments/ideas/experiences my way! I've missed cooking, and hearing from all of you!

Much love,


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