24 February 2011

Crowded House

Back in town, back in the kitchen. I've been craving some good Italian fare, so the "Meat" Balls & Spaghetti in Everything Vegan caught my eye. The "meat" was actually garbanzos and vital wheat gluten again - which turns out to make a super tasty addition to pasta.

Just like the bean burgers last week, using the vital wheat gluten binds everything together... and gives a "meaty" consistency for those traditionalists (or meat-eaters) out there. I used panko instead of regular bread crumbs, so that could make a huge difference next round. Instead of using spaghetti, I used brown rice penne. Then I added a lot of spinach and made the Quick All-Purpose Garlic Tomato Sauce from "La Dolce Vegan!"

I'm yet to be impressed with a cookbook recipe for tomato sauce that includes tomato paste. they are always too sweet, and I'm always happier whipping up something from scratch with more spice. The "meat" balls were the perfect texture and spice... a great contrast to the tomato sauce. Regardless, the combo together worked out well... and made great lunches for the next few days.

One major problem? My tiny tiny stove. Any meal with more than 2 pots and pans is too many on this little guy... so I need to remind myself to do one thing at a time, and/or plan ahead. Or get a grown up size oven so I can cook like crazy!

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