14 February 2011

Be Mine.

I'm still trying to use up ingredients I've stocked up on around the house... so the Cranberry-Orange-Nut Bread was the next in line. Just in time to make a Valentine's treat for my work loves. Who doesn't bake for Valentine's Day?

I always think sweet breads are kinda lame, so I made it into giant tasty muffins instead. It's citrus season, so I juiced a Minneola and used fresh/frozen cranberries. (You can freeze a bag of fresh cranberries while they are in season, and use them later on for recipes like this! Who knew?) What a difference both make over orange juice and dried cranberries.

It turns out Minneolas don't zest very well, but they are super sweet and delicious oranges... and the muffins turned out great anyhow. (Especially since I used 1/4c. sugar instead of the recipes 1c. - plus added flax meal and forgot the allspice.) It looks like I'll be modifying recipes to make them healthier as long as I'm cooking... but so far it works and no one is complaining as long as I continue to bring them treats!

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