21 June 2010

Guest Spot

Since Carmen is one of my biggest blog supporters, and since I'm way way way behind in cooking/writing/posting, she did a guest spot for me. She's also a better writer, so it's a welcome break from my chatter. Here it is - enjoy! Thanks, Carmen!

"Baby Steps"

Today I went to the Takoma Park, Maryland locals' favorite haunt "Mark's Kitchen." I'm 29 now, but it's a diner that's been serving vegetarian & vegan since I was a preteen. The food has always been delicious & their menu has a way of making you feel welcomed whether you're a pure carnivore, a Vegan or Veg-Curious.

I went today & saw the "Tofu & Avocado Club Sandwich" complete with Vegan Bacon, Vegan Cream Cheese, fresh Avocado, sliced tomatoes & sauteed tofu. After a meat-filled day grilling with the Dad's in my family, this sandwich seemed like a nice reprieve. Although I chickened out & got real cream cheese, the sandwich was delightfully simple yet so delicious I immediately thought of ways I could make this at home & find ways to tweak it: Maybe marinating the tofu before sauteeing, or grilling instead... Mixing some delicious herbs & spices into the vegan cream cheese to add depth of flavor, using different bread types, or making a guac spread.

I also thought this would be an inexpensive sandwich for Vegans to make at home because avocados, vegan cream cheese & tofu are staples in the fridge. I felt so satisfied after lunch, yet because there was no meat, I didn't feel bogged down. I hope some of you will try this out & put your own unique spin on great sandwich find!

- Carmen

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