16 May 2010

Scrambled Up

You know by now that I'm a breakfast junkie. I love all things breakfast, and I'll admit, eggs are a hard thing for me to give up. I finally took the plunge and made Scrambled Tofu, and now I'm embarrassed I haven't been making it for years. It was so easy AND delicious, and made enough for 4 days of breakfast. It made a ton! Never again can I say I didn't have time to make a good healthy breakfast... and now that I'm back to reality and work, that is critical.

The spice blend was a little tame for me, but it's definitely something that can be experimented with. Cumin, thyme, paprika, and turmeric teamed up with nutritional yeast - it really did taste like an omelet. Crumbling the tofu with your fingers kept it chunky, and it was done and ready in minutes. I skipped the mushrooms and added red pepper, next round I'll add a variety of other veggies. This is one recipe that will certainly appear at my next Sunday brunch!

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