13 May 2010

Muffin Mania

Now that I've been on a roll since this morning with baked goods, I decided to make two more treats. This time it was regular and mini muffins... twice the fun. The first batch was Applesauce Oatbran Muffins, which I added cranberries to for the dried fruit. I made them gluten-free by using a ratio of 2/3 millet flour and 1/3 brown rice flour - a blend that was much higher in millet than any GF cookbook I have recommends. They were only a little dry because of the flour substitution. But with a bit of Soy Garden buttery spread, it was a great muffin.

The next recipe was the real winner. Carrot-Pineapple Sunshine Muffins were amazing! Perfect along with the delicious ripe pineapple I'd brought home, they were bite sized sweet treats full of surprises. (I used crushed in the recipe, per their recommendation.) More than sweet enough on their own, I'm going to omit the 1/2 c. of sugar next round. The soy yogurt and soy milk made them taste rich, and the pineapple left them extra moist. So now I'm left wondering why you wouldn't make all muffins Vegan when it can be this tasty (and easy).

Addendum: I froze a lot of these since I made so many, and the gluten-free muffins definitely did not hold up well. The sunshine muffins were great a few weeks later, so I'd make a double batch and enjoy them twice as much!

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