21 May 2010

Girls Night

Impromptu girls nights are one of the best things in life. You don't know you're going to get moral support and good laughs, and then last minute you do. This time around the theme was yoga night, with my friend Nicole as our personal yoga instructor.

I should have used this healthy girls night as an excuse to experiment with some raw or Macrobiotic recipes. But I'd had a long day at work, so it was Chocolate Chip Brownie Waffles instead! I don't do sweet for breakfast, for for a pre-yoga appetizer, they hit the spot. Just sweet and crunchy enough, they were rich and chocolate-y (even with 2/3 c. short of chocolate chips)!

I couldn't just make breakfast (or dessert) for dinner, so I did whip up a Bulgar Pilaf as well. Bulgar still remains one of my favorite food discoveries, and it's amazingly easy to toss in whatever veggies and spices you have laying around. Just having to steam it for 30 minutes is a breeze, and it gives you time to chop up and cook veggies to stir in at the end. You can definitely tell my fridge was empty by how boring it looked... but luckily it didn't taste that way!

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