09 May 2010

Cold & Flu

Of course, my first day off now that I'm back to work was spent "under the weather." I don't even have the energy to cook, so a big pot of Cold & Flu Soup was the answer. I kicked up the garlic for immune boosting, threw in some kale and carrots for nutrient value, and some udon noodles for the comfort food factor.

The other secret weapon for soup is always Vegeta. I got hooked on this seasoning a decade ago in Croatia, when I was cooking with my friend Krešo. Every visit to Varaždin since then, I pick some up. It's definitely not a "health" product, since it's super high in sodium. But it does add a unique flavor that reminds me of my favorite place in the world. And this time around, it cheered me up AND made me forget about feeling sick!

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