29 April 2010

Three's a Crowd

Why make one variety of knishes, when you can make three? It is my last Wednesday of "break", so Stacy joined in the cooking fun. The dinner event was Knish Madness - knishes made with sweet potato, potato, and spinach-potato. Stacy came to the rescue with the potato-mashing and dough-rolling, both things I am still to handicapped to do. It was definitely worth making the three varieties while going through the rest of the effort. We spiced them up, luckily, because I can't imagine how boring the flavors would have been otherwise. The potato knishes got garam masala, my favorite spice combination. (If you don't have this in your kitchen, go buy some. It is great on basically everything.) The sweet potato knishes got an increase of nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice. And the spinach-potato knishes got a kick with garlic and red onions.

They all turned out pretty good, but I guess I don't get what the craze for knishes is all about. They are just potato-filled dough. Maybe we didn't have the right condiments, or the carb overload was better suited for a side dish instead of an entree. But at least I can say I've tried them...

What fun would a girls dinner be without a fancy dessert? So we also made up these little cuties: Coconut-Lime Bundt Cakes. They were so adorable in the mini-bundt shape that I don't know why anyone would ever use a regular pan!

I'm certain coconut and lime will make anything delicious, and these were more proof of that. The recipe called for lemon juice and zest, but we had limes and they filled in perfect. The coconut milk gave them richness, and this was definitely something suitable for non-Vegan dessert crowds.

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