12 April 2010

Tangy Tahini

I'm convinced tahini is the best ingredient ever. I've never had something made with it that isn't nutty and delicious, but I guess ground up sesame seeds are bound to be that tasty. Plus, it's a critical component of hummus, which might just be the most important food for this Vegetarian's happiness.

My favorite salad dressing is tahini, maple syrup, lemon juice, vinegar, and garlic. It's a crowd pleaser, easy to make, and a unique flavor that can't be replicated with store-bought dressings. I was equally impressed with this Dill-Tahini Sauce. Much thicker than my usual, it made a great dip for tomatoes and veggies... plus sandwiches, crackers, and whatever else I could find.

The verdict? Tahini + garlic + lemon = heaven.

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