01 April 2010


It was time for another potluck dinner party last night - my favorite. Like most recipes since my injury, I couldn't make much of anything that required knife skills. At least not without my lovely friends! It's like having a sous-chef when they step in and help me do the tasks I'm unable to do with my left hand.

I'd been holding onto a recipe for Panzanella. So I took the idea for the bread salad, and made my own recipe. I could have dried the Tuscan bread for days, but "toasted" it in the oven instead. I skipped the fresh basil and mint, added in a lot more romaine, and substituted balsamic for red wine vinegar. Kassy was a garlic/tomato/onion chopping machine. Experimenting worked! It was just the way I remembered it.

And Molly made an amazing Orange Quinoa Salad. (That I can't take any credit for. But I can recommend her combination of quinoa, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, sesame oil, and orange infused oil. Delicious!)

Cooking is always better when you have someone to enjoy it with!

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