16 April 2010

Scottish Breakfast

The last batch of scones turned out so fabulous, I had to try another variety. Or two. The good thing about making more than one recipe is that it increases your odds for a success. In this case, the Glazed Orange Scones were the winner. Even with whole wheat all-purpose flour for a healthier twist, they were super delicious orange infused breakfast cookies. I couldn't wait for them to cool, so the glaze melted before it could harden... but they were more than sweet enough without it. Plus the little triangle shapes were much cuter than the traditional round scones.

The less successful scones were the gluten-free ones. I adapted the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Scones to use a brown rice flour mix for the all-purpose. The trick is definitely not using a baking mix when a recipe calls for baking powder - it was definitely too much. I've had good luck with brown rice flour in the past, as with millet, so next round we'll attempt those! There has to be a way to master the Vegan/gf baked goods...

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