28 April 2010

Salad Bowl

On warm spring days, there is nothing better for lunch than salad. Or a few salads! Pasta salad is something that I rarely mix up... I've been making the same "recipe" for years, and I'm convinced there is nothing better. But the point of this cooking adventure is to try new things, so that's what I did with Brooklyn Deli Macaroni Salad. I realize mayonnaise is something non-Vegans take for granted. Thankfully there is Vegenaise! I use the Grapeseed Oil variety, and it's delicious.

The verdict on this salad? Pretty darn good! Creamy dressing with a little sweet (from sugar) and a little tangy (from white vinegar). It was still a little basic for my taste, so I spiced it up a bit with a "everyday seasoning" peppery mix. I never grew up on traditional macaroni salad, so I was at a loss for what to add to it... next time I'll experiment with other veggies and a more exciting spice variety.

Then there was the Lentil Salad fail. See that blob above? That's what happens when you cook lentils too long, or in this case, use the wrong variety of lentils for a salad. I had red lentils, so I thought I was being clever substituting them for the French variety the recipe called for. What I got instead was a lentil mash. I threw the recipe together anyhow, because I refuse to throw out a whole dish unless it's entirely trashed. Luckily the flavor was still delicious with the red onions, tarragon, thyme, and bay leaves.

This will be one recipe I'll have to try again... And I can guarantee it will be a win that time around!

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