09 April 2010

Rise & Shine

It's Friday morning, and Heidi came over for an impromptu breakfast date. She's always willing to try new things, so I knew I could experiment. I rolled out of bed bright & early and chose two breakfast treats to make. The first was Almond & Currant Scones - my first time baking scones, let alone Vegan and using whole wheat flour. (The recipe called for all-purpose, but why not try to add some whole grain goodness?) Super easy to throw together, even sleep-deprived. And so tasty!

The next dish was a Broccoli and Olive Frittata... and it was also amazing! Another experiment in tofu as an egg substitute, and I couldn't believe how convincing this frittata was. Plus, I got to use the LeCreuset cast iron skillet I finally bought over Christmas. I'd been coveting it for over a year, and can honestly say it was worth saving for. I added in a bunch more veggies than the recipe called for, and it still turned out well, which makes me wonder why cookbooks often skimp on the produce. I always try to cram in as much fresh veggie goodness as I can.

Molly & Amy joined in the breakfast fun, and everyone was impressed with the Vegan breakfast fare. Even better than cooking for friends is cooking for friends who are genuinely appreciative of your efforts. And my amazing friends do so many nice things for me that I'm glad to do the same for them.

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