11 April 2010

Mac & Cheesiest

Who doesn't love mac & cheese? Because I still have a weakness for REAL cheese, I was convinced I'd never find a suitable replacement. Well, I was only partly right. This recipe for Mac Daddy was surprisingly good, and when I'm looking for a rich creamy and Vegan comfort food, I'll surely revisit it.

The different ways to use nutritional yeast are still impressive. I changed the preparation for this recipe a bit (to accommodate my arm injury), so I pureed the tofu and Cheezy Sauce instead of mashing it up. I'm not really sure why this wasn't the directions in the first place, because it was definitely easier than hand mashing 1 pound of tofu. But it still turned out really good, and the kale I added (for "Mac and Greens") was a nice contrast to the richness of the "cheese".

Just like when I used this sauce a few months ago, I think it may be something worth adding some fat to for certain meals. Like mac & cheese. Some Vegan margarine would probably do a lot for the dish to really pass as cheese. Or maybe even a bread crumb topping like my Grandma puts on her old school mac & cheese....

Will this mac & cheese fool someone less Veg-friendly? Probably not. But if you call it a "macaroni casserole", it might just be something they'll enjoy.

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