12 April 2010

From Europe, With Love.

Ask any of my family in Croatia, and they'll tell you one of my favorite foods EVER is palačinka. Within hours of my first visit there years ago, my Aunt made them for me. Every visit back to Europe, they were a familiar tradition and comfort food. Fast forward to college years, and my best friend Tina and I would take study breaks to whip up a batch with our favorite guilty pleasure, Nutella. I was hooked.

Of course palačinka is just the Croatian version of crepes. So I was excited to revisit this favorite in a Vegan version. I'd never imagined crepes being possible without eggs, milk, or butter... but the Savory Crepes proved me wrong. Even without a crepe pan (that I still want), I managed to get perfectly thin pancakes. It is indeed something that practice makes perfect with, but with the right amount of oil and the right pan, is pretty easy.

I had some fresh dill to experiment with, so I made the recipe for Horseradish-Dill Sour Cream to go with. It turned out rich and creamy like a faux cream cheese, and had a great tangy flavor to balance out the simple crepes. My food processor is just a little too small for recipes this large, but it blended the tofu, garlic, dill, and horseradish into the perfect filling. I'm not even a huge fan of horseradish and still enjoyed it.

The best part about crepes is that you can pretty much fill them with ANYTHING you have around. Sweet or savory, fancy or simple. And the next time I whip up a batch, I'll try out another brand new combination!

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