25 April 2010

Dixie Grilling

The veg-friendly scene in Wilmington was a little less prevalent, but there were still some tasty finds at the Dixie Grill. It was my 4th trip to see Meaghan and we finally made it there, and loved it. Breakfast is still my favorite meal out, and they didn't fail me. Plus they gave
me some new ideas for classing up traditional dishes. (Cajun homefries, lemon infused spinach for greek breakfasts, pesto added to sandwiches.)

Even with the tasty veg-friendly options in NC, I was dying for something healthy. Lovey's Market has a salad bar that gave Whole Foods some competition. Sesame/chili marinated tofu, tofu egg salad, tempeh "chicken" salad, mirin infused greens... All a little different than anything I'd ever had before. And they had an awesome deli that had Veggie Burgers, Tofu Melts, and Veggie Grinders.

And then there was the final impressing eatery - Slice of Life Pizzeria & Pub. A pizza joint that serves tequila AND has a delivery car fueled by vegetable oil? I guess the South is more liberal than I'd thought after all...

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