06 April 2010

Cornmeal Confusion

In preparation for the polenta I plan to make tomorrow, I found the cornmeal I'd bought a few weeks ago. Notice the difference - the left is finely ground, the right is coarsely ground. Both were labeled as "cornmeal" at the stores.

I generally prefer the coarser, grittier cornmeal for polenta; and use the finer cornmeal in cornbread and baked goods. After researching it, I found that the grind of the cornmeal is a regional preference for traditional polenta recipes.

Regardless, I always recommend making your own (for a fraction of the cost) versus buying the prepared tubes. It takes an extra 10-15 minutes, but saves you at least $3 per meal. (Once again, the reason to buy bulk. $1 or less per pound of cornmeal, or flour, or grains!)

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