13 April 2010

Cookie Adventures

I got to spend this morning with my friend Liz's son, Jace. He's 4, cute as a button, and officially my youngest cooking helper yet. He was a good sport to help me make Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies, and even though they turned out less-than-perfect, we had fun making them!

The biggest problem was forming them into little balls... they pretty much flattened out before we could put our "thumbprints" in them. And they were a little crumbly. But the peanut oil gave them a nice flavor, and the raspberry jam was a bit of excitement in a pretty basic cookie. Some turned out good (see below) and some turned out bad (see above), but ultimately it was an activity to keep us busy on a rainy Tuesday morning!

The consistency issue could be from using turbinado in a recipe that just called for sugar. Turbinado is larger crystals than white cane sugar, but it's marginally better for you, so when I'm required to use sugar I try to always use it instead. Sometimes the healthier replacement works better than others!

1 comment:

  1. I thought they were delicious! I ate them all in the car!