09 April 2010

California Dreaming

I still had avocados and broccoli to use, so the recipe for Pasta Della California looked perfect. I've never had avocados in pasta, and was a little intimidated to try it... but the combination was in fact delicious. Lime juice and zest, crushed red pepper and white wine joined the fresh green broccoli and spinach for a light and summery dish.

I used the spinach instead of arugula because it's what I had in the house, and the flavor of the dish was milder than I'd normally prefer because of it. I love love love arugula, and have been hooked even more after my last few trips to Europe. They call it "rocket" in the UK, and I'll definitely be growing it in my garden again this year.

The avocado wasn't as strange as I expected, but wasn't what stood out in the dish. I'll kick up the red pepper in future preparation for a spicy/garlicky/citrus infused summer meal. In the meantime, it was the perfect lunch for a sunny April day!

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