21 March 2010

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch was my segue-way into cooking regularly again. I needed a lot of help from my lovely friends, of course, but it was a success! And so much fun, I want to do it again every week.

We had an array of deliciousness. Pumpkin waffles had great flavor, but not the crunchy light waffle texture I prefer. They tasted more like a waffle shaped pumpkin pancake. The Vegan Pancakes were just sweet enough and the consistency was impressive sans eggs. I definitely want to try different flavors in the pancake batter next time. There were so many other treats that no one even noticed the missing eggs, cheese, and butter.

This Sunday turned out to be a bit more carb overload than we needed... but it was a fabulous first run. And it left me inspired to try out a lot more Vegan Brunch recipes for next time!

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