29 March 2010

Enchilada Bowl

Kassy came for dinner and was nice enough to bring a few ingredients. This became a "throw everything we have around the house" meal... and what resulted was an enchilada bowl. Spicy rice, layered with black beans and corn, green onions, black olives, and the essential avocados. Then we smothered the combination with enchilada sauce and the beloved Clancy's.

I don't know what I ever did without my rice cooker. I'm convinced rice cooked in it turns out far superior to anything I can make on the stove. For this recipe, I added Rapunzel No Salt Added Vegan Boullion cubes to the water in the rice cooker. They are the best flavor, and add a bit of extra kick to anything you add them to. I even tossed in some yellow onions to add to the bite.

I felt bad I couldn't whip up something more exotic, especially since Kassy is my first official blog supporter. But I'm still struggling in the kitchen with one arm, and I have to get back into the hang of things somehow. Regardless, the enchilada bowls were delicious!
Who needs the tortilla?

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