02 February 2010

Smoothie Queen

Maybe green smoothies don't count as culinary adventures... Yet they are packed with fruit, vegetables, nutrients. More than you can ever squeeze into a meal.

After the last 5 years of working in the vitamin industry, green foods don't phase me. Green shakes, green powders, green pills, green drinks... I know the health benefits outweigh the shock of the color. In the past, my morning smoothies got their green from a scoop of Green Vibrance. But why stop there?

So I decided I'm going to put spinach and kale into my daily green smoothies. A good amount - about 2 c. each! It is amazingly easy to sneak it in... and gets 3+ servings of greens into your diet first thing each morning.

Here's the best blend so far:
1 c. soymilk (can use coconut milk or water)
2 c. kale
2-3 c. spinach
1 banana (frozen!)
1 scoop protein powder (soy, hemp, rice)
2 T. flax meal
1/2 c. frozen mangos
1 tsp. flax oil
stevia to taste

Blend it up, and you have a frozen, creamy, green meal! And it's amazingly delicious!

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