28 February 2010


Sadly, there is going to be a hiatus in this blog project. I broke my wrist February 11th and had major surgery on it on the 15th. I now have a metal plate and screws in my wrist, which makes for an interesting story. But cooking is impossible. (See the picture below for proof.)

Luckily, I've had amazing support from my friends and family. They have even been cooking for me, so I'm not going hungry. And last night I finally got out of my hermit mode and we had a little party. I'm on the road to recovery!

08 February 2010

Pizza Party

Pizza and cheese are two of my biggest weaknesses. They are both (unfortunately) a big reason I haven't taken the Vegan plunge. But this year is about eating Vegan as much as possible, so Vegan Pizza it is!

I didn't have time to make my own crust, so bought the ready-to-use variety. The Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza crust was surprisingly good. It required a lot of kneading and stretching, but was worth the effort. Then I made a zesty sauce with extra red pepper and topped it with rice cheese, spinach, arugula, garlic, and red onions. Pizza craving fulfilled!

06 February 2010

Taco Night

Most weeks, I end up having at least one Mexican-inspired meal a day. I love experimenting with spicy flavors, throwing together different fillings. There are the obvious ones - beans, rice, tofu, faux meats. This time around I made portobello tacos.

Generally I marinate portobellos in balsamic and garlic, to use them for sandwiches. They were equally delicious in tacos - the meaty texture and flavor worked well. Cilantro and green onions were the perfect additions. Then I made a spicy cilantro salsa with some tomatoes, onions, and local favorite Clancy's Fancy.

It's crazy it has taken me a month to mention Clancy's, but I live for that stuff. I eat it on EVERYTHING. Three times a day isn't unusual. When I lived in Florida, I'd bring bottles home after every visit to the Mitten. Pass the extra hot, please.

02 February 2010

Smoothie Queen

Maybe green smoothies don't count as culinary adventures... Yet they are packed with fruit, vegetables, nutrients. More than you can ever squeeze into a meal.

After the last 5 years of working in the vitamin industry, green foods don't phase me. Green shakes, green powders, green pills, green drinks... I know the health benefits outweigh the shock of the color. In the past, my morning smoothies got their green from a scoop of Green Vibrance. But why stop there?

So I decided I'm going to put spinach and kale into my daily green smoothies. A good amount - about 2 c. each! It is amazingly easy to sneak it in... and gets 3+ servings of greens into your diet first thing each morning.

Here's the best blend so far:
1 c. soymilk (can use coconut milk or water)
2 c. kale
2-3 c. spinach
1 banana (frozen!)
1 scoop protein powder (soy, hemp, rice)
2 T. flax meal
1/2 c. frozen mangos
1 tsp. flax oil
stevia to taste

Blend it up, and you have a frozen, creamy, green meal! And it's amazingly delicious!