02 January 2010

First dinner: The non-recipe

As excited as I was to start the cookbook countdown, I threw a dinner together one last time. Ok, twice. Sometimes I repeat a really delicious recipe just days after trying it - and this creation was the same way.

One of my favorite recipes ever is Polenta Stuffed Poblanos... so I hijacked the original recipe, subtracted the goat cheese, added nutritional yeast. It really DOES have a cheesy flavor - and it was a hit! Combined with Southwest Tofu Tacos, it was tex-mex comfort food.

So easy AND so delicious - how did it take me a decade to create what is now a staple meal? (Plus it includes my two new obsessions, Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory corn tortillas and Rosewood Tofu. I can honestly say my Vegetarian happiness has increased thanks to these local companies and their amazing goods!)

I'm also thinking I need some practice photo-documenting my cooking adventures. But everything has to start somewhere!

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