14 January 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast is my favorite meal. One thing I never understood about Vegans is how they could convince themselves that tofu tasted like eggs. Similar texture, maybe, but I was never happy with the substitute.

I thought I'd try it out for myself, so I made Tofu Florentine. The Broiled Tofu was amazing, and made so much I had leftovers for salads all week. It wasn't crispy, but the combination of lemon and soy sauce was delicious. And even the Cheezy Sauce surprised me. I've been a lifelong cheese addict, but now I know why Vegans love nutritional yeast. (The recipe was light on the margarine, so a lot healthier than many variations... but also a lot less rich. I think it'd be great on pasta but don't think I'd go for it with nachos.)

Overall, a win. I used a slice of bread, but I think an english muffin would be a better choice. (Both for looks and texture.) And this definitely left me wanting to experiment with Vegan breakfasts a whole lot more.

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